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The Upgrade

A supportive community of learners always seeking to improve and upgrade one’s self

At The Upgrade, we aim to

  • Deepen and crystallise students’ understanding of content matter

  • Develop and hone students’ skills and thought processes that are useful for the future

  • Inculcate and imbue positive attitudes within students towards learning (e.g. growth mindset)

So that students are enabled to make better decisions in life.

We do so through our various programmes, including workshops and tuition.

With our passionate and highly qualified team, we are confident that we can help you level up your learning.


Thank you for your patient guidance for the past few months. Although you tutored me for a few months only, I could definitely feel that I improved drastically over time.

Your lessons are really engaging in that you are open to discussions while allowing us students to openly learn from our mistakes and misconceptions. I never once felt afraid to speak up. 

Thank you for always promptly replying and providing with valuable feedback. I was also able to gain greater insight into various world and Singapore issues beyond the econs syllabus too.

Justin, HCI, Class of 2021

Mr Daniel is a committed and patient teacher who has motivated me to strive for the best in economics. Having struggled with economics for the whole of J1, I found it especially disheartening whenever I could not see results.


However, after joining The Upgrade, with Mr Daniel’s help, he constantly provided me with resources and guided me whenever I needed to fill in the gaps for my content knowledge. It was only with his help and encouragement that I actually found economics easier to grasp leading up to my A Levels.

Thank You Mr Daniel!

Adelia, ACJC, Class of 2021

Dr Chua is a caring and highly dedicated tutor. He helped me to iron out misconceptions in difficult math topics and patiently explained the different math concepts to me, so that I had a comprehensive understanding of how to approach math questions


In particular, Dr Chua precisely identified the root of my weaknesses in math and addressed them immediately, often posing similar questions that I was equally weak in to help me brush up on them. In doing so, Dr Chua has enabled me to gain renewed confidence in answering more challenging math questions and eventually, improving my grades.

Kyli, HCI, Class of 2021

Dr Chua is a dedicated and motivating teacher, always there to provide clear guidance irrespective of location and time.


He made mathematics and statistics a joy to learn thanks to his expertise and passion in the subject. He is a top quality teacher and his delivery of concepts is second to none.

Ryan Goh,
University College London
Masters in Financial Engineering and Statistics

Mr Sia has great expertise and excellent teaching skills that provide students with much more than solid subject knowledge.

He is capable of stimulating students' interest in the subject and facilitating students to conduct their own investigation. This ability makes him an outstanding teacher

Zhu Jintao
Cambridge University
Masters in Economics

Dr Chua's math lessons helped me to understand fundamental math concepts and solve questions with understanding, rather than just memorising. 

He also helped me to gain confidence in the subject, which enabled me to show great improvement

Gracia Yap
Nanyang Polytechnic
Mass Media Management

The Upgrade

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