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Economics and Mathematics Tuition

Variety of Coins

A levels H1/H2 Economics

We help students see the big picture and understand the key principles. Oftentimes, students may get caught up in the small and minor details, and not realise that there are certain key principles that will help guide their understanding of Economics. 

Articulating the points clearly through writing is also key if students want to score well in academic assessments. We will guide students to write more effectively through our systematic approach.

Image by Jeswin Thomas

A Levels H1/H2 Mathematics

Students can enjoy Mathematics whilst doing well in it. It does not have to be one or the other. We help students see the 'light' through clear explanations of the mathematical concepts and articulation of the thought process in solving a problem. The latter is especially important today, as it helps students develop better thinking and problem-solving skills needed in an increasingly complex world. Through our approach, students will appreciate the beauty of Mathematics and the 'thrill' in solving problems.

Image by Antoine Dautry

O Levels Elementary/Additional Mathematics

It is often said that practice makes perfect, especially for O Level Mathematics. Whilst we do not dispute the possible truth of that, we do not think that Mathematics should be reduced to just drill and practice. We think that there is much joy a student can derive from learning Mathematics, and our classes will help students to see the 'light', especially through its application to real-world contexts. Of course, students' needs take priority, and our lessons are practically tailored to meet these needs.

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