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Data Analytics Workshops

Our workshops incorporate hands-on exercises for participants to immediately put into practise the content and skills that they would have acquired to help reinforce their learning. The delivery of appropriate statistical content will be covered through short modular presentations interspersed throughout the workshop.  A myriad of examples, familiar with participants, will be specifically selected to increase relatability and facilitate optimal eliciting of key learning points.

We can customise and tailor workshops to meet the objectives and needs of the organisations/businesses.

We will work closely with relevant personnel in the organisation to use data, content and context to strengthen employees’ application of the knowledge and skills at the workplace.


Our current clients include the Ministry of Education.

*The quoted cost per participant below is for reference. This is for the customisation and the delivery of the content and skills, and does not include logistical considerations.

Examples of a series of workshops which aim to uplift the literacy and skills of two main group of employees: data consumers and data practitioners, are shown below for reference.

Analyzing the data

What participants enjoyed about our workshops

The simplicity in guiding us through very technical concepts.

Complex understanding made simple with analogies and real-life samples.

Clarity of explanations. Relevance of examples used.

Very clear explanation from trainers.

Good mix of practical and theory, and useful hands-on activities with slides, and it is the best workshop that I have ever attended so far.

Trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and able to explain the concepts clearly.

The trainer’s passion and convictions regarding data.

The workshop was informative and concise, and looking at authentic data sets was useful.

Good pacing and sufficient

hands-on practice.

The hands-on exercises and the pro tips shared by trainer.

I like the sessions where we get to discuss with our partners on the case studies and also time for discussion and ask questions as they have to consolidate my learning.

Provided me with a good exposure to data assessment and presentation.


Statistically Speaking – Understanding the fundamentals

Duration: 4 Hours


Making Sense of Data

Duration: 8 Hours


Data Storytelling

Duration: 4 Hours


Significant or not

Duration: 8 Hours


Data Preparation and Manipulation

Duration: 8 Hours


A tale of three regressions

Duration: 8 Hours


Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Duration: 8 Hours

Workshops: Publications
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