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We believe that

‘The world is your oyster’ for every student

  • Each student has immense untapped potential, and there are limitless opportunities for growth if one seizes it. Every moment can be seen as an opportunity for growth and learning.

The journey is more important than the destination

  • The process matters more than the outcome. Whilst we recognise that good grades might be necessary to open up more doors, we believe that certain skills and attitudes should be developed through the learning process which then enables students to better seize opportunities in the future.

Less could be more

  • Don’t get us wrong, this does not mean we will provide fewer resources to help students learn, or that students should be lazy and practise fewer questions.

  • Instead, we hold the view that that more could be achieved through intentional strategies, which include distilling the essence of the syllabus and helping students critically understand the key concepts; timely and quality feedback for students to understand possible areas for improvement; and the use of Socratic questioning (where appropriate) to deepen students’ thinking and accelerate their understanding.

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Why The Upgrade?

What makes us different from other centres?

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Effective & Engaging Pedagogy; Experienced Tutors

We adopt a differentiated approach, tailoring our pedagogy to the needs of the students. We stretch students' thinking, and provide coaching and consultation where necessary. We offer a safe and conducive environment for learning, with class sizes capped at 8 students. 


Unique philosophy and approach towards learning

We look long-term. Developing students' analytical, thinking and writing skills matter more to us as this will put them in better stead for the uncertain future.


Broader focus

We care for our students and their holistic development. We do not believe in selection tests and will not turn away any students who are academically weak. Ultimately through our coaching, tutoring and guidance, our hope is that our students will make wise decisions in life after attending The Upgrade.

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