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We offer three different masterclasses for the curious individual who desires to think better and make better decisions (including financial ones).

Anyone from age 11 and above can attend.

Not to worry, participants of the same age profile will be grouped together for a workshop, and materials will be tailored accordingly.

A masterclass costs $400 per participant, and includes 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours each.

Students who are already enrolled in our tuition programme will enjoy $100 off all workshops they choose to attend. 

We also offer these masterclasses to schools and companies who are keen to engage us.

This can be conducted in two half-day sessions, or even one full-day session.

Decision Making

Many people might go about life without any useful frameworks and tools to guide them in making decisions. This workshop aims to empower all attendees with a toolkit of useful frameworks and questions that will enable them to make better decisions in life. The workshop also covers cognitive biases, so that participants will be more aware of them and can possibly avoid them when making decisions. 


The workshop will be conducted in a highly interactive and engaging fashion, with the use of case studies on individuals’ decisions in a variety of contexts.

Sign up for any of the sessions you are keen on:

Session 1: Frameworks of decision-making 1 

Session 2: Frameworks of decision-making 2 

Session 3: Cognitive biases & how to avoid them 

Session 4: Applications to Personal Finance 

Image by Vladislav Babienko

Logical and Strategic Thinking

Always wanted to be more strategic in your thinking? Envious of the other person in school/work who seems to have it all figured out? If this seems like you, do consider attending our workshop.

Our workshop introduces the key ideas from Game Theory, which allows participants to be more aware of logical thought patterns. Gamification will also be used as a means to hone participants' strategic thinking. 


Financial Literacy

Have you pondered why your savings in your bank account does not seem to grow, and why some of your friends seem to have it all? If so, perhaps you are not making your money work for you.

Attend this workshop to learn key concepts that will unlock the way you think about money. The workshop will also help you think through your current financial situation and guide you to manage and grow your wealth better.

[For students, the workshop will focus on concepts such as the power of compounding, the need for budgeting, and how a lot of small change does add up. Students will also be exposed to important areas such as insurance and investments.]

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